Hunger Strike ended to that Jaana fainted and her health did not make it longer. 6.11.21 was the end day.
The end of hunger strike was super dissapointment. We were trying to reach out our parlament persons Sebastian Tynkkynen and Päivi Räsänen. 
The rudeness of Sebastian Tynkkynen came out when he run away from us. We were 7 days at hunger strike and our powers were really low. So how depesdating was that he run away from us many times. You can watch the escape of Sebastian from several videos:

And the hunger strike really ended there that Jaanas healt came down and she fainted.
Our own media only mensond Päivi Räsänen who helped Jaana, but didnt mensond Jaana Kavonius and taked the name away from the hunger strike car here is the news about it:

There is no human rights here, we really need help. 
We send our support to Poland and Australia wich are in same position at human rights situation! Let stay safe and together.

Photo: Panu Huuhtanen